Being in the pants of a Foxy red head


May 2015

Feeling Pawesome :D


so Think it’s time i share a link with Y’all XD hhehehe 

it’s called The Foxy Beau-tie(Pron – Bowtie) maybe u should Check it out XD



Met Cap. Cold XD


I was Soo lucky that on thursday i’d caught A Cold so I lived on nuffin(nothing) else but Pukka tea(Pure variant)


and of course Coffee, and some warm milk with Honey(soo yummy when ur me and sick :3 )  but i had an appetite like A swallow, normally I have an appetite like a full grown grizzly so yeah everybody knows when i’m sick gladly I’m one of those lovely person that gets something hot in them and goes back to sleeping again but on saturday i went to a bday it was great and I didn’t infect the family cuz it takes around 1,5/ two – max three days for me to get back up but yeah I’m alive and Kicking and had A trip down memory lane at Sunday cuz I’d played Walt Disney world Quest: Magical racing tour


and Grodd it’d old I remebered all the shortcuts and for crying outloud it was so amazin and it made my think back t’a when I was little and how i’d played with my one of my Best friends Joshua oh dear it was lovely

I can remember my favorite character was and still is:


not Chip or Dale because u know


and my favorite Race Track was of course the Haunted Mansion what did u expect Halloween is like my favorite Holiday so of course XD


and Can’t for tomorrow to come Cuz somebody got something special coming their way XD


Chilling in Rapture waiting for a party 

so yeah I’m getting ready for a family party with my gamer Cousin And boy we have some stuff to be Adorkable about :3 but yeah right now I’m just chilling With so Bioshock 2  so yeah just chilling with the Lamb  



Welcome to…..Hell!!! nah just kidding it’s just little me and I only bite if i get bitten :3 so don’t worry i’m not that dangerous or am I?  ^ w^

This is kinda weird for me to be here you know it’s like working in a YSL and ur wearing Versace u feel like a fish out of water

But yeah I’m from the magical realm of “Whatsittou” now I kinda wish it was a really thing XD but no I’m from Denmark it’s where the little mermaid is located but… Any who this blog is primarily a little diary thing so if u have read the Foxy beau-tie u probably know Me but anyway welcome :3 


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