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So it’s finally here…no not FNAF4 or FNAF the movie XD i’m talking about exams Whoopi….Goldberg (Sorry WG) xD i’m psych’d not as much as FUCKING ARKHAM KNIGHT!!!! 22DAYS LEFT!!! have I preordered it? let me answer that question with question with a question do I have something in common with one of FNAF animatronics?

the answer to both is yes!

Good ol’ Foxy and I have something in Common okay we have some things

Both Foxy red fur/Hair xD we also share the same name… actually it’s more like my one of my nicknames but yeah some of my friends who isn’t in a relationships with me calls me Foxy :3 but yeah it’s only my friends that have known me since preschool 😀 some around 10 to 20 peeps out of I stopped counting after 24 or was it after 30 I don’t know anymore XD


but yeah I’m ready to rock XD and F*ck this exam assignment so hard that the writer of it is gonna shit blood for all eternity … or at least until next Tuesday XD so we’re in groups of Four  and we get the assignment we have to write Synopsis 3-5 pages long. in 2 days no sweat XD so we got it today and have to turn it in on Wednesday afterwards we each dig down into something about the Company (CSR, Marketing, economy Etc.) we do this on our very own cuz here comes the Exam part

we have to prepare our own presentation based on our work in the groups but we pick out things we each need for our presentation the 18th but in the Group i’m in which also has Kawaii Cherish in it, and our group is actually pretty fast u could might even say we’re faster than a speeding bullet last time we were done after a few hours …we had a week for the assignment  plus making a team PPT so on the 2nd day of the assignment we began making the endoskeleton of our Powerpoint afterwards we began looking the synopsis through so it looked good and it gave the right impression and the gram was correct and all that jazz day 3 checked up on everything and made our bad endoskeleton of a ppt look prettier than a queen

day 4  check up plus run through

day 5 check up and of course smack the bitch up so we had turned it in, on time

our plan now is as follows

Today: Write the synopsis

Tomorrow: check up and make it look fine

Wednesday: maybe a final check up and then turn it in 😀

My Thursday: jumping up and down rolling around like BAWS being Gleeful and Shit XD maybe play some more BAO:BDL(Batman Arkham Origins: Blackgate Deluxe Edition) because why not BAK is around the corner XD


it’s 3. 2.1 time to motherfuckin SMASH! YAY! ^W^