Okay there has been some theories Last year that the arkham Knight was In fact The Joker and good ol’ Bats told me like “didn’t u know it has been confirmed everybody knows” here’s the truth it hasn’t been 100% confirmed and it’s still just a theory and he is the most likely candidate to be the arkham Knight but yeah it would be against the fans wishes if Rocksteady made this happened because yeah in the comic book ur not dead forever but what is this Arkham origins all over Oh u thought Black mask was the criminal mastermind ….no It was joker dressed up as Black Mask and it’s wasn’t that good covered up of course Arkham origins doesn’t count as the part of the arkham trilogy but for crying out loud how hard can it be for fucking to make a game story with batman where u have a major batman villain I mean c’mon Ivy was the woman came between the dynamic duo, they became aok again but yeah Bane broke Bman took over fucking Gotham, Mr.Freeze had done some fucked up shit too I mean ^sigh^ Batman got a fucking colourful rouges gallery so why not fucking use it and not like waaao Joker was behind it all bwahahahaha! I don’t see Captain cold being behind everything that happens to The Flash or Reverse Flash or Gorilla Grodd noooo if they want to take over Central city they’ll do because they on their own have Planned it not because somebody was pulling the strings so rocksteady thank you for putting Scarecrow in charge with Harley Quinn, Two-Face, Firefly, Peguin & kinda Riddler into this alliance where they want Batman dead a common goal like the rouges in Flash that really like Batman to suffer 

And before u scream “oh but Foxy Scarecrow is like the puppeteer” let me remind u that Scarecrow got out to all the Gotham villains so they could gathered this all Bman’s best friends love party but Ivy refused because she doesn’t give two flytrap fucks about ANY meat bag(human) except for well Harley they’re like bffs she had her own agenda and by the way I think it would well a very fragile alliance if she was in on it cuz well Firefly likes to watch the World burn and Ivy is a plant hybrid so it would incl. burning her precious plants right, fire and plant life not a good combo ice on the Other hand :3 

But yeah I’m just not rooting for Mr. J as Arkham knight if the rumours are true 

Cuz C’mon Rocksteady ur better than that ;3