Seriously I had the most awesome night ever guess why ……

I couldn’t fall asleep and when I finally did fall Asleep it was half past four… fucking morning #CanUFeelHowSarcastic I like my Brain he thinks too much about stuff

And other stuff Synopsis is done aaaah  

#GJEverbodyGJ :3

And the third thing 


 Today I tried to see if I could get in the this architecture con thing to like see what it was sadly it was only for Architects  and senior architectural students so it was kinda Sad cuz it looked kinda cool and I would have actually like to see so radical ideas and see something creative in a different way than I’m 

And If ur gonna ever try that don’t tell Bats/KC about it cuz if it’s noon Wednesday and she’s bumped and tell her about it because well she’s not there all u get is a cocky unsupported doozie telling u that ur mad at the con for only having pros so ur talking trash about it…

All I told her was that it was kinda sad that the non-architectural could get in 

And then the whole Cocky cow facade came fourth like if she didn’t get in to architect school then there was no chance for anybody else to get in not even me  and why would I even go in there people like me didn’t even like architecture or even understood what is was A: I’m not a dog or a sheep so to think that would actually attend to architectural school just because else did is never gonna happened B: people like me 21 year old brown eyed bi single Danish Guys or what? And architecture is art and design combined with buildings and bridges etc. so what isn’t there to understand if u like design and Art and appreciate those for real it would had been awesome!
So our conversation goes a little longer afterwards I ask why because ur the average bottom line? Because hello if u can’t get the average person into one then hypothetical nobody else could get in there

The answer was no because I’m the best and I know it 

Afterwards I say thank u for calling me one of the best u know using the logic that was giving out right

Then she’s like no ur not cuz I’m the best and then there is u other common, and now ur manipulating my words to ur advantage like u always do

A: appling the logic u send out and use it for arguments is not manipulation…it’s using ur own logic against ur self sweet cheeks it’s called being smart and nope not gonna use the being intelligent cuz it’s too high horse for me and I just don’t think I’m what I associate with the Word I’m just Smart according to me XD and glad to be just that cuz I don’t have to prove my worth to the world cuz I don’t have a need to do 

The world’s coolest Drawing ever I know thank very much for say that XD 

I usually only draw heads cuz I’m not that good with bodies but I getting better at it xD