Fuck i love Distortion  I have attended every year since 08 or 07. I was there Wednesday the 3rd (First day Of Distortion) and I was Impressed by a Doritos air cannon

ah 583 ah 586 ah 587 ah 588 ah 589 ah 590

….I’m easy to impress if u know how to impress me XD and I went everywhere  even met some guys who had like a Headbands on and called them selves #TeamBakas and was hanging out in …. Japan town on Nørrebro we don’t have an actually China town or Japan town but the block was well decorated like it look a bit China like I only snapped one pic of a scene there it’s the pic right after the Jägerwagon XD

Ze Jägerwagon ah 591 ah 592

Welcome to tiny Japan town 😀 So Cute with the little Neko  ah 593

ah 594On second day of Distortion Little Foxy did the following! (Sorry it’s to early for Christmas Caroles XD) But yeah after going to the insane asylum everybody knows what am talking about it’s called School the insane asylum we all have been through XD…where was i oh yeah DISTORTION DAY DEUX! it was on Vesterbro and I shoulda meet up with a mate but he had an exam up ahead  but yeah the originale plan was to wear the Mario & Lugi caps so we could find eachother in the massive crowd XD and since I’m average tall and Slim and i’m the youngest sibling in my family then it was totally who I was going to be right? the coolest Bro yo! .3 #90sKidFTW!!!! #93 YEAH! but at some point… who am kidding it was sooo awesome even though he wasn’t there with me I met somebody else that I know wink wink XD my close friend Daniel and one of his buds his bud left and before u get any dirty tought NO! we didn’t do it!! x3 but yeah one of Daniel’s other buds Came Leonardo …we call him Leon :3 and sometimes I’d called him Leo cuz it’s the coolest zodiac right

ah 596 ah 597 ah 598 ah 599

we went to Café Viggo (I post a link down below) because Leon was Hungry and he had a shift at the gaybar at 8pm so he had to get something down so yeah we went to Café Viggo so Leon could get something to eat and he told us he like having company while eat out because it was so cozy and we told that when saw the price on the three courses meal wauwie auch we told Leon that we weren’t hungry cuz yeah we wasn’t so yeah and besides the price was maybe a..little over our budgets but he was insisting that we should have something to eat to and he would pay for all of us and we needed to be spoiled abit once in awhile and we were his friends and all that jazz and I don’t like being spoiled by others but we ordered three courses at some point I don’t regret doing it because it was sooooo Yummy and i tried to order on French (mainly because our menus were written in french so) but it actually went better than I expected to go so I was a proud little Foxy but If my French teacher is reading this Thanks for teaching me average french in only two years when little noobie only have been having French those two years :3 ! ah 595

Weeeella so i ordered a salad with Hot Goat Cheese, Rabbit or Lapin in french and Choco mousse … and yes ur looking atthe mousse xD

but yeah Leon had bought a Champagne early so when the bill was payed we went out drank the champagne

got Leon to work. later on Dani went home and 10mins before closing i helped at the bar cuz they were only two and there was a fucking horde of drunk maybe Horny people and Leon said to me if I could help them out and oh boy it was funny and i got soooo hammered

so on friday i was at home nursing my Hangover oh Grodd it was a bad one never drink Champagne and Beer to get drunk at least not the same day XD

saturday …. Gaming and yeah something else XD

Sunday Shopping

ah 600  FUNKO POP! Poison Ivy, Superman, Flash & Robin felt a little lonely so…was really thinking hard who to get either Beast Boy, Lumpy Space Princess or Harley Quinn, Willa LSP because she is Such a …Lumpy bitch :3 and i like her like oh my glob she totally wonderful

ah 601 ah 602 ah 603 ah 604also i texted a pic to one of my brony friends that i had a reason why he should begin to buying Funko but yeah u did i pick BB,HQ or LSP? well

1234 128 i bought BB and HQ but only because they were on sale …and the symmetry hehe also I bought a cap …because it was just up my alley with it’s message even though i’m bi :3 #IDidntToBeGayIJustGotLucky

1234 118 1234 120

and it actually gave som luck  cuz yeah at my exam on June 8 i had an exam i had three hours to write an Synopsis and then  i had 30 mins to talk about it with the examinator and the other fellar  so during writting i was wearing it and took it of during the real thing right and I’d got a 10 or as u would know it as a B! fuck yeah!!!

1234 136Foxy is Feeling Pawesome xD

1234 123 so Pawesome it will hurt ur Butt and u’ll feel sore a week after  xD

that’s all I had to blabber about for this week and day so Stay Foxy everybody

1234 122

oh and the link for Café Viggo Hompage