Well Yestersday was a pretty Funny day for starters I had a really weird dream XD and it was well yeah weirder than just weird it was something with a hippo and Rhino being fashiondesigners but also psycho killers and they killed their models after the show and sometimes they stuffed them like some humans did/do to animals i was well waxed and ended up as wax figure on madame tussaude’s wax museum by mister bear from the creepy pasta 1999…and how did i know it was mr. Bear…well it was a man with uh a bear mask on… brings my good oldchildhood  fear right back up again as a child I was pretty scared of People wear Animal like masks mostly Gorillia and Bear masks although Planet of the Apes and King kong(The original)  cuz King Kong was a giant Gorilla and the apes were.. well some kind of human apes and not some humans in with animal like masks where u could see their eyes…didn’t i ever tell i had a biiiig imagination as a kid like one year for christmas I wished for a living Pikachu…again I was a weird cutie and still is but yeah I have a really good reason why …okay i’d a reason as kid first of all when i first encountered this animal mask thing was in a nursy rymthe called “the bear is sleeping” and it’s a “cute” little song but in 97 or 98 ther was made little music video for it and it had some guy in a bear costume cuz BEARS! and some children running around the BEAR! but it was kinda scary back when i was little also because u couldn’t see the eyes there was just two black holes and that’s where it got creepy for me cuz yeah human or animal u can always see there eyes right

so it became unhuman like this thing was something evil…but yeah i faced my fear when two of my friends thought they were funny by putting on a Bear mask and a complete Gorilla Suit so I actually got so scared I punched them in the Nose cuz yeah i wouldn’t run and hide anymore now was the time to face it and punch it  so Thank u and Fuck u guys

but yeah i waxed in the dream but when I saw what I thought was a Wax figure of Grant Gustin in the Flash Suit   i fought my way out of the wax…which I don’t think is possible in real life but i was a dream so I ran alll the way to a shop and bought Doritos and then I woke up XD

told u it was weird

but yeah…(I should really stop using those two words after eachother)

so I went out shopping with Kawaii-Cherish, Mama Cherish(K-Cherish’smom new nickname) and her younger sister

we went to a store named “Normal” think KCherish have snapped some pics about what she bought there

afterwards we went down to Terranova KC found a neat little Tanktop

12344 010 12344 007 12344 008 12344 009 and I found a Leather Jacket (sadly i was for a woman cuz Damn I like red leather Jackets…and I don’t why I just do don’t Judge Judy me) but yeah I found it in medium and asked KCherish to wear it with the tanktop she found and Voilá!

12344 006 12344 004

Nice Right x3 so yeah the jacket gave a little edge to the tanktop and the red in the jacket macthes the red in the strawberry and didn’t over dazzle it or move the focus to much

it’s a must cash!…but we didn’t bwaaah ;3

afterwards the gals went to “Søsterne Greene” and I went to Illum cuz I really had to take whizz goddamn three bottles of water and bottle of pink lemonade and a cup of beer XD so i only know that Mama Cherish bought a metal Bucket…I don’t why and I don’t care cuz it’s none of my business XD

so afterwards we went to Other stories  read Kawaii-Cherish’s blogposts if u don’t know that store do asap!

we were looking for a skirt that K-Cherish saw on their webpage but we couldn’t find DAMN U INTERNET FOR LYING TO US DON’T U KNOW WHO WE ARE ..okay u don’t ahem fair enough K Byyye XD

we then looked for shoes cuz ….SHOES GODDAMIT! and I found some for K-Cherish

Aren’t they Rad!

12344 013 12344 011 12344 012

and Yes it’s K-Cherish’s Foot wearing them I’d just loved the design sooo Foxy :3 Foxy likes that shoe alot Wuuf!

so afterwards Mama Cherish and Little Cherish went into TerraNova again and me and K-Cherish waited outside talking about HomeStuck and before u say anything no i’m not a fan but I know something about it through K-Cherish also I’d read some of the first part so yeah I know a little.

but after that we were mega Hungry  so we went to McDonald’s and while Lil’ Cherish, K-Cherish & I were waiting for Mama Cherish to come with the food tray a random woman came up to me telling me she had spild some Cola on the Floor just so I knew and could clean it up  well when she lefted we Laughed cuz that was funny maybe it was because I was Holding Mama Cherish’s Bucket hmm yeah, but few secs later the lady comes back half laughing saying “Sorry I’d thought u worked here because why oh why would have a bucket if u didn’t hehe sorry” well we laughed and said it was alright and when she left we talked about how see could think I worked there hehe cuz i was wear orange Shorts and a red and Black Flannel and that’s totally not part of the uniform at MC D but it was Defy funny XD and that was alittle about that day CYA

Foxy’s Out .3

12344 003