Yaw! Guess what? Up ya Butt! okay seriously it’s being like 4 -ever since I’d last updated sooo what have I been Doing? everything and Nothing my dear Foxies ….(Mind Note have to come up with a better term for the guys and Gals at #FF)

but i’d been playing some Lego batman, some Batman Arkham Knight…,So Banjo Kazooie yeah Classique Me

but also been chilling and reading some books been out shopping chilling with K-Cherish….and other things that would be private to write on this blog Helping my grandma with lifting a sofa ….still I don’t get why my mom nor my Sister calls me Superman I can get why uncle nicknamed me Flash ..wanna know why Cuz I’m awesome and Red is one of my favorite colours …okay aside the awesome fact XD i’m also fast on my feet (not Usain Bolt but anyway) I also have a good reaction time Oh rhythm button fast on ur fingers based puzzles I miss u so much soo yeah also I’d rearanged my Funko’s …yes I Know But they are so CUUUUTTTTEE and can’t wait for The Flash(series) Flash Funko comes out in Denmark MUST HAVE!!! …I don’t have a problem u got 99 problems so check that out :3 sorry off track again well it all happened on June 25th, A month Before Foxy’s Bday so now u know that 😀 moving on K-Cherish txt’ed me a pic of the first draft which was kinda okay it had the Fox with the Bowtie and Comic sans spelling out Flashy Fox …good tip never EVER EVER give me any ideas cuz I might blow up ur head with them seriously I had 10.000 amazing Ideas and some of them came out on the drawing board heheh  Mwahahahaha! yeah I wanted it personal not just something everypony could do….yes I just used a MLP Word Every pony what did u expect I know some MLP fans and my sister is one of them…. and my potential BF #Sigh in their defends they have to survive being around me every now and then soooo guess it’s a pretty fair deal right? I take ur silence as A HUGE FUCK YEAH!

cuz yeah every single human being can doodle something and smash computer text on it it’s sooo unpersonal but that’s just my opinion and no K-Cherish doesn’t make doodles she makes drawings sometimes art I knew her before she was famous suck on that XD :3

so I ran all the waaaay over to KC’s house to make a whore look like lady …..I MEAN THE SKETCH Sweethearts :3

and WITH THE POWER OF……. ur just waiting for me to say Greyskull aren’t u? well it wasn’t the power of Greyskull it was the Power of awesome ….yeah that exist…Now in this instant… but yeah I drew K-C’s Fox yes it’s the fox to the Left she made that  now clap it’s awesome and I like it well I drew it on to another paper and began making some rough sketches of how I wished the letters to be a lined and then I asked K-C to line the lines up cuz she have a steady right hand so yeah I made thethe letters FL(A) SHY F and the sketch for  OX  but asked K-C if she could draw “me” inside the O and yeah the make the X look like actual fox tails cuz I kinda had the thought I would fuck it completly up it would be sad cuz it looked awesome on the sketch so yeah my idea was to make the F & L form the A but in order to make it work i would have to mirror the L so and it went well 😀 also we made it into The Flash’s Running shoe Because The Flash!

it came to look like this when it was lined up


the Idea for me in the O came from well a beautiful little thing I have seen on the Flash and in some Mag Danielle Panabaker no she didn’t tell me in person but she became the muse for the O so yup

Danielle-Panabaker_by_Sylvie_Final_Page_21 If u look closely she’s standing outside a C but I thought it would be cool to have “me” Standing IN the O sorta like in the pose she is holding

the little Shy blushing face  in FL(A) SHY  FOX Came because I’m a shy guy not as shy as i have being when I was younger but I still look shyly away while I smile and blush when people gives me Compliments but someday I’ll grow apart from that …hopefully

who knows that’s right nobody only time will tell

but yeah the L Is so obvious I like the Hit tv show THE FLASH but the Flash is also my Favourite DC Superhero sorry Sups and Bman but this Fox is Chasing Lighting bolts but I chose to have it the colour scheme like Kid Flash’s cuz well i’m my uncle’s nephew and i’m a nautrel redhead so the why fuck not XD

maybe I should do that make a top something DC Superheroes & Heroines, DC Villains/ness and a one on marvel as well can u see what i’m talking about one word and pop! There we go Ideas my mind is the main reason I have a lack of sleep somenights back on track so the X was away to say I like Games and everybody knows what Cards resembles so yeah 😀 it came out like this


i hope u like it i sure do

Foxy’s OUT Cya :3