Being in the pants of a Foxy red head


August 2015

Feeling it

Am I the only …. no i’m not there’s a hundred thousand others who feels how I feel right now “mega touchy feely” i don’t know how to tell u guys this but I feel like emotionale mess right now I want somebody to take, burrow or heck even buy a gravestone and then meet me and smack me unconsious with so I can wake up (If I wake up) and not feeling like i do….Thank u world I’m so urrgh where do I even start it’s so urrrghh!! annoying! and at the same time I just wanna.. u know

it’s a short one but Yeah Guess that’s it for today xD


Brain farts

it happens more frequnetly than dĆ©ja vu #NoShitSherlock and I actually think it’s quite funny when it happens because so often hehe but Yeah I don’t why I think it’s quite funny when a smart person goes get’s a blank space for a while especially if it happened to ur self it’s the funniest thing ever like when ur know u know that thing u know it’s on the tip of the tongue but nope it slip ur mind and suddenly u come to think and about the thing u couldn’t remember and suddenly and outburst flys out of ur mouth 1999! Slenderman! Your mom! Dragon Dild.. u know

Pietro Boselli! yada yada yada XD

but yeah it happeneds alot šŸ˜€

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