I don’t know if I should sorry for not being so active here the blog but at least I’m not slacking off or blaming it on The homework even though Senoir Year have some big Assigments I’ll survive hehe so what the F*#k have I’d been doing? Well Merry Meerkats I’d been dating, and writing on the Foxy beautie along side School and of course the dating life, how does Superheroes do it…. Well I think the answer don’t think too much about ALL the things u have to do especially not if it’s like 5 weeks in to the future cuz u don’t need that unnecessary stress in ur life. Anyway I had my a personal goal on the Beau-tie(bow tie) that I would tried and reach 100 posts before the end of the year i’m at 81 or 83 soo pretty soon :3 

And my dating life is okay I guess xD 

Any ways don’t worry I’m still kicking and alive