Ever had somebody in ur Life who is sooooo dull that they makes U Fall asleep my sleeping pill is my lovely Principal 

Oh when he held an presentation he reaaaaaalllllly likes to talk about the importance of the subject and reaaalllyyy drag it out so everybody is completely confused :3

“Set time off for this” “start early” “start thinking about that ya da ya da ya da”

We’re starting on a biiiigg ass assigment and we gotta think about the topic before we pick the subject, Willa Holland dear prici what if we’re already at the point where we have an idea because our teachers prepared us for this ….oh didn’t I mention that our teachers actually talked to us about because We asked about it yeah we’re curious as fuck well it happens once in a while x3 

Sometimes I think a Primate would Handel the principal a lot better 

Mainly because our principal isn’t really that intimidating he’s more like a puppy I  just wanna smirk and say of course my dear principal 

But yeah guess the scary part is we don’t know how he is when he is Angry hmmm makes ya think
Speaking of Primates 

Whatta u think about Grodd return on The Flash?