Sometimes I don’t know if the word can describe the Feeling I’m feeling right now because love there’s a strong meaning behind the word don’t get me wrong I use it a lot but yeah I don’t really use the phrase I Love you not as in I love U love u more as the friendly way of I like u a lot too dipshit 

Yet again when I call somebody dipshit it depends on the tone because yeah u might be a dipshit but ur my dipshit and I wouldn’t have it any other way or ur just a dipshit one of my friends and I have this thing  where one says goodbye by saying Fuck u the says Love u in response 
But yeah I can’t recall I ever use the phrase I love u not because I didn’t love them but because the word doesn’t really fit it doesn’t describe the feelings I have about the person I love somebody more than the Word Love doesn’t really sums it up  I’m ready for my Starsapphire ring now :3
So since there’s no Flash this week #Sadness #FoxyCries I thought about watching Jessica Jones but Iiiii don’t know yet maybe I should start watching Daredevill and watch Constantine the series again uh and Supergirl