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July 2016

Mr.DarkPhoenix Streams Mighty no.9 

Heey Mighty Meerkats my friend Mr. DarkPhoenix is Streaming over at twitch check him out he is awesome btw and if u like geeky Comic reviews or CW Series follow this Fellar on YouTube. Mr.darkphoenix MNo.9 twitch



S’up Meerkats
I’m currently sitting on my tiny counch playing Outlast and I’d considered Streaming The binding of Isaac on twitch would u be up for that tell me in the comments Below thank u very much :3 
Oh and I like graduated like Wednesday two weeks ago sooooo I’m look up jobs too 

And reading “Great expectations” by Charles Dickens which was a graduation gift from my Old Danish/English Teacher Anne-Marie cuz she knows I’m a sucka for reading some literature and as u probably have seen I’d just bought Firestorm as a Funko Because Why not? 

Oh and I’m still Single AF but enjoying life to the fullest 

Oh yeah before I forget Anybody else excited For Injustice 2, Crash Bandicoot remastered and Pokemon sun and moon I know I am :3 

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