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Spring Came and I’m ready!

Spring Came and I'm ready!

Dolce Gabbana black dress
10.610 DKK –

Mary Katrantzou color block dress
14.615 DKK –

RED Valentino retro dress
5.075 DKK –

Self portrait mini dress
2.610 DKK –

White dress
205 DKK –

Tony Moly eye care
82 DKK –

Eos lip treatment
74 DKK –

Eos lip treatment
64 DKK –

Eos lip treatment
64 DKK –


Same old Love

Same old Love

Bob Mackie sequin evening gown
13.010 DKK –

Black beaded dress
12.325 DKK –

Long a line dress
445 DKK –

Tie dyed top
245 DKK –

Metallic silver pants
170 DKK –

Chanel preowned jewelry
2.705 DKK –

Alison Lou heart shaped stud earrings
2.500 DKK –

Red pendant necklace
150 DKK –

Primitives By Kathy wood home decor
105 DKK –

Icy space

Icy space

Short white dress
35.735 DKK –

Red dress
340 DKK –

Parker surplice top
480 DKK –

Aruna Seth pointy-toe pumps
7.860 DKK –

Jimmy Choo platform shoes
1.325 DKK –

Vans sneaker
380 DKK –

Erickson Beamon swarovski crystal earrings
2.775 DKK –

Charm jewelry
1.375 DKK –

The 2 Bandits silver cuff bracelet
945 DKK –

Pandora jewelry
825 DKK –

Casetify galaxy watch
480 DKK –

Child Of Wild galaxy ring
400 DKK –

Sarah Magid long earrings
135 DKK –

Diesel blue home decor
495 DKK –

So it’s Christmas

So it's Christmas

Little Mistress metallic cocktail dress
310 DKK –

Print midi dress
155 DKK –

Long knit dress
105 DKK –

Planet ring
1.490 DKK –

Edge Only pendant earrings
980 DKK –

Wedgwood drinkware
975 DKK –

Christmas nogging

Christmas nogging

Versace dress
17.675 DKK –

Diane Von Furstenberg dress
2.135 DKK –

Mini ornament
680 DKK –

Ceramic mug
82 DKK –

Topshop white mug
105 DKK –

Topshop drinkware
135 DKK –

Sage Co black ornament
49 DKK –

loving Christmas

loving Christmas

Burberry trench coat
8.900 DKK –

Pink coat
285 DKK –

White coat
225 DKK –

Gianvito Rossi suede boots
5.840 DKK –

Salvatore Ferragamo high heel boots
4.160 DKK –

UGG Australia suede boots
1.430 DKK –

Naturalizer boots
745 DKK –

Burberry scarve
2.530 DKK –

Marc by Marc Jacobs tech accessory
220 DKK –

Isotoner glove
225 DKK –

Slouchy beanie
565 DKK –

Leather glove
235 DKK –

Satin glove
170 DKK –

Neff beanie
110 DKK –

Grey glove
88 DKK –

Uniqlo hat
81 DKK –

Chicnova Fashion beanie hat
60 DKK –


Sometimes I don’t know if the word can describe the Feeling I’m feeling right now because love there’s a strong meaning behind the word don’t get me wrong I use it a lot but yeah I don’t really use the phrase I Love you not as in I love U love u more as the friendly way of I like u a lot too dipshit 

Yet again when I call somebody dipshit it depends on the tone because yeah u might be a dipshit but ur my dipshit and I wouldn’t have it any other way or ur just a dipshit one of my friends and I have this thing  where one says goodbye by saying Fuck u the says Love u in response 
But yeah I can’t recall I ever use the phrase I love u not because I didn’t love them but because the word doesn’t really fit it doesn’t describe the feelings I have about the person I love somebody more than the Word Love doesn’t really sums it up  I’m ready for my Starsapphire ring now :3
So since there’s no Flash this week #Sadness #FoxyCries I thought about watching Jessica Jones but Iiiii don’t know yet maybe I should start watching Daredevill and watch Constantine the series again uh and Supergirl


I’m mr.bla..bla.bla blah!

Ever had somebody in ur Life who is sooooo dull that they makes U Fall asleep my sleeping pill is my lovely Principal 

Oh when he held an presentation he reaaaaaalllllly likes to talk about the importance of the subject and reaaalllyyy drag it out so everybody is completely confused :3

“Set time off for this” “start early” “start thinking about that ya da ya da ya da”

We’re starting on a biiiigg ass assigment and we gotta think about the topic before we pick the subject, Willa Holland dear prici what if we’re already at the point where we have an idea because our teachers prepared us for this ….oh didn’t I mention that our teachers actually talked to us about because We asked about it yeah we’re curious as fuck well it happens once in a while x3 

Sometimes I think a Primate would Handel the principal a lot better 

Mainly because our principal isn’t really that intimidating he’s more like a puppy I  just wanna smirk and say of course my dear principal 

But yeah guess the scary part is we don’t know how he is when he is Angry hmmm makes ya think
Speaking of Primates 

Whatta u think about Grodd return on The Flash?


Almost there

I don’t know if I should sorry for not being so active here the blog but at least I’m not slacking off or blaming it on The homework even though Senoir Year have some big Assigments I’ll survive hehe so what the F*#k have I’d been doing? Well Merry Meerkats I’d been dating, and writing on the Foxy beautie along side School and of course the dating life, how does Superheroes do it…. Well I think the answer don’t think too much about ALL the things u have to do especially not if it’s like 5 weeks in to the future cuz u don’t need that unnecessary stress in ur life. Anyway I had my a personal goal on the Beau-tie(bow tie) that I would tried and reach 100 posts before the end of the year i’m at 81 or 83 soo pretty soon :3 

And my dating life is okay I guess xD 

Any ways don’t worry I’m still kicking and alive 

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